Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wood Stack

Ron van der Ende s.t. (Wood Stack) 2011
bas-relief in salvaged wood 165 x 106 x 14cm (private collection Telluride CO)
 I am currently working on a wood-carving project and I stumbled upon this amazing artist while researching different wood-working techniques and styles.  Ron van der Ende is a sculptor working from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and mainly works with salvaged wood.  He keeps the original paint and arranges the pieces in ways that create truly amazing pieces that play with space and perspective.

more Ron...

Ron van der Ende On Re-Entry (Burning Log) 2010
bas-relief in salvaged wood 262 x 87 x 12 cm
Ron van der Ende Taylor-Burton 2009
bas-relief in salvaged wood 165 x 95 x 11cm
Ron van der Ende: Axonometric Array 2008
Bas-relief in reclaimed timbers, size variable ca. 7m50 x 3m50 x 25cm
Built on assignment for WORM alternative music and film venue in Rotterdam (on permanent display)

Ron van der Ende Shotgun Shack Row 2010
bas-relief in salvaged wood 236 x 84 x 14 cm (private collection Connecticut)

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